New PTS Whiteboards: Help Pupils to Master Maths

New PTS Whiteboards

New PTS Whiteboards: Help Pupils to Master Maths

New write n wipe whiteboards from PTS are perfect for helping your learners with maths mastery. These fantastic re-usable resources, are great for practicing place value, telling the time, number bonds, multiplication and more.

What’s more, the new boards are eco-friendly! They are made from high-quality, 1400 micron dry-wipe board, made from 90% wood pulp, rather than solid plastic. They are also available to buy singly, rather than in packs, so that you can purchase the exact number you require. You can get more for less when you buy PTS whiteboards:

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Place Value Whiteboard

New PTS White boards - Place Value

This great whiteboard is perfect for helping your learners to get to grips with place value, as well as allowing them to structure sums using large numbers.

The board is double-sided, using units on one side, and ones on the reverse, meaning that the boards can fit with whichever way you work.

The wipe clean surface allows your pupils to fix any mistakes easily and means that the boards can be used time and time again.

Number Square Whiteboard

New PTS Whiteboard - Number Square

Number square whiteboards make great tools to help learners to improve their numeracy skills.

The board has a completed number square on one side and a blank square on the reverse for learners to use to practice addition and subtraction.

There is a blank space at the bottom of the boards which can be used for setting problems for pupils to solve, or for learners to show their working.

Multiplication Square Whiteboard

New PTS Whiteboards - Multiplication Square

Multiplication is a key skill for primary school aged learners to master.

These multiplication square whiteboards are great for pupils to use to practice and develop their times tables knowledge.

With a completed multiplication square on one side and a blank square on the reverse, the boards are ideal for setting and solving a variety of times tables problems, with the flexibility to erase mistakes and try again.

Clock Whiteboard

New PTS Whiteboards - Clock

This double-sided whiteboard is ideal for helping your learners to tell the time.

It has both analogue and digital clock displays, with a 12 hour clock face on one side and 24 hour clock face on the reverse.

Learners can add the hands to the clock faces or fill in the bars on the digital display.

Multiplication and Division Whiteboard

New PTS Whiteboards - Multiplication and Division

Set multiplication and division problems for your pupils to solve with these great reusable whiteboards. Your learners could even use the boards to set problems for each other.

Perfect for practicing numeracy in the classroom or at home, these bright boards have multiplication on one side and division on the reverse.

The boards are sturdy and are hard-wearing enough to withstand continual use in your classroom.

Number Bond Practice Whiteboard

New PTS Whiteboards - Number Bonds

These number bond whiteboards are ideal for supporting your pupils when they are practicing addition and subtraction.

With space for addition problems on one side and subtraction problems on the reverse, you can tailor numeracy tasks for individual learners depending on their knowledge level.

They are perfect for mental maths tests, classroom activities and homework.

We also have a great range of write n wipe whiteboards for helping learners to develop their literacy skills, including handwriting and phonics. You can find them here.

Would you like an easy way to keep track of your to do list? We even have a reusable Things To Do Whiteboard for teachers here.

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