New CUPPA Books Available Now from PTS


New CUPPA Books Available Now from PTS

New CUPPA books have arrived at PTS! Created by Ross McWilliam, a children’s mindset expert, the CUPPA series of books is perfect for helping pupils to develop their confidence and resilience.

Aimed at pupils in years 5, 6 and 7, the books are perfect for supporting learners with the primary to secondary transfer.

The books follow the adventures of Chris Cupsworth or ‘CUPPA’ as he develops his mindset over the course of five missions. These are:

• Challenge – Mission 1

• Uniqueness – Mission 2

• Positivity – Mission 3

• Perception – Mission 4

• Action – Mission 5

Each book has a great story for your pupils to follow, as well as decision points, where they can think about what CUPPA should do next. Each book has lots of activities for pupils to complete, helping to consolidate their learning and to help them to develop their confidence, just like CUPPA!


The books are available individually, or as a set of five (saving you £5.94 inc. VAT). Instead of buying a set of books for each pupil, why not take a look at the class reader, which has all five of the storylines in a re-usable book. There is a book with all the activities in too. All of the books come with a free audio download, perfect for pupils who aren’t great readers.

For a limited time only, Mission 1 is available for just 96p, so why not check it out to see how great the new CUPPA books could be for your classroom?

Shop the full CUPPA range here.


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We are delighted to introduce our new guest blogger, Ross McWilliam! Over the coming months Ross will be providing you with lots of useful information on how to support your pupils in developing a confident and resilient mindset. To get you started, take a look at our introduction to Ross here.

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