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Connecting With Your Class During the Pandemic

We’re all living through an unprecedented situation. The pandemic has made home learning a necessity and while schools have risen to the occasion, it is undeniably difficult. It is clear that this length of time spent using technology may forever change the way we carry out our teaching and learning, even long after we have returned to whatever normal we go back to. We’re social creatures by nature, and many children are missing the connections they’ve forged in the classroom with their teachers or on the playground with their friends.

That’s where Natterhub comes in.

What is Natterhub?

Natterhub is a FREE, gated social media platform that can act as a community for your classroom. Children can post comments to each other, as well as uploading photos and videos to share their passions with their friends (and with you!). It’s also completely transparent – there are no private messaging functions, and children can only access the hub when you ‘activate’ it for them to ensure a safe experience.

We understand that, while you’re teaching at a distance and pupils are using screens an increasing amount, it is more crucial than ever to ensure that children are being safe online. That’s why, when you’re ready to use them, Natterhub features a comprehensive scheme of lessons on online safety for Years 1-6, packed with fun, engaging and interactive content.  

From September 2020, schools are required to ‘weave online safety throughout the curriculum’ and adhere to the compulsory PSHE/RSE curriculum, which highlights many online relationships and digital communication targets. But don’t worry, for those schools already using Natterhub, it will be a job done. We have aligned all of our lessons to the legislation.

Natterhub also includes ‘Badges of Honour’, which act as a way for children to visualise their progress as they work through Natterhub’s different lessons. You can ‘power up’ badges as pupils finish lessons, complete quizzes, or demonstrate exemplary online behaviour.  

It’s quick and easy to get started, so sign up today to keep your pupils connected! We welcome all queries, feedback (scroll to suggestions) and are looking for schools to help us develop the product. 

We look forward to working with you 🙂


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