National Teaching Assistant Day


 Today is National Teaching Assistant Day!

National Teaching Assistants’ Day was created by Teaching Personnel to recognise the valuable contribution Teaching Assistants make to the education and support of school children across the UK and today is the day to celebrate!

The Role of a TA?

Teaching assistants support children with their learning activities in the classroom and act as an extra pair of eyes. They work closely with teachers to make sure pupils enjoy learning in a safe and caring setting. Just as with any teacher, the students are the best way to measure a TA’s success. The happier and more educated the students, the better job the TA is doing. Here we have Top 5 Tips of what makes a good teaching assistant.

  1. Be prepared to ask students questions, engage the classroom as a whole, and maintain a healthy learning environment.
  2. Answer a student’s specific questions, rather than giving a blanket answer.
  3. Be easy to understand and uses phrases that fit the classroom
  4. Explain theory/idea, and then work a series of problems AND real life examples on the board and with the students themselves.
  5. Learn the student’s names and educational goals, as well as strengths and weaknesses.

Here at PTS we know how important Teaching Assistants are to both the teachers and pupils. TA’s are invaluable to teachers and help support teachers effectiveness on a day to day basis. We have lots of lovely products designed just for TA’s to help make life in the classroom a little bit easier. You can click on the products below to shop.

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