Making the Most of Self Isolation #4: Learn Pilates


Making the Most of Self-Isolation

In the fourth part of the PTS ‘Making the Most of Self-Isolation’ series, Laura from our Customer Services team tells us about her love of Pilates.

#4: Learn Pilates

I started Pilates and Yoga 18 months ago. Often I start new activities, having joined other sports clubs before, and find that I lose interest. But this time I stuck with it and have found something I really enjoy.

I do Pilates and Yoga classes several times a week and I am improving each month. I would like to eventually teach Pilates in the future, so I am aiming to do a course. This will help me to learn more about techniques, posture, breathing, the biology behind it all and the psychology which helps to maintain and control mental health.

Why I Love Pilates

In May 2019, my love for Pilates gave me one of the best weeks of my life so far. I went to Kefalonia, on a Pilates, Yoga and fitness retreat, staying in an amazing resort, meeting new people, with exercise classes, from early morning Yoga on the beach to evening educational seminars, with top instructors. This is something I will most definitely be doing again, I hope later this year, depending on the situation with Covid-19! Having worked on my Pilates, I feel this year, I will be able to do more and learn more still.

Below is a picture taken on the beach, doing yoga with some of the group.


Other fitness classes I enjoy are Barre Concept- a ballet style class, with Pilates included, Aqua Aerobics, Body Blitz-high cardio and Trigger Point Pilates. This is Pilates but with equipment, a foam roller and hard spikey balls, these help to release muscle tension and work on ‘trigger points.’

The Yoga aspect is a bit more of a learning curve as it involves understanding the breath (which when holding the tree to warrior pose and getting your feet and arms and balancing AND concentrating on breathing is a challenge!). I think Pilates ‘flows more.’

How You Can Learn Pilates

I would thoroughly recommend Pilates & Yoga, to get you started there are lots of free tutorials on YouTube, my favourite YouTube channels for these are Boho Beautiful and Yoga with Adriene.

Once the current situation is over, why not see what classes are in your local area and, if you ever get the chance to do early morning beach Yoga in Kefalonia, let me know!

Stay safe, take care in this difficult period and keep focusing on the better future ahead of us.

Om Shanti – Peace

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