Introducing…Exercise Books

The NEW Exercise Books are here at PTS. With two new designs that are designed to be suitable for both KS1 and KS2 pupils. Featuring our Polar and Jungle themed designs they are both bright and colourful. They are designed to help keep children motivated and excited about learning on a day to day basis.

The Polar themed A4 exercise book contains a glossy card front and back and contains 40 internal pages. The pages are half blank and half lined. The lines are 15mm giving the child room to develop their writing making it ideal for the younger pupils in the school. The blank space gives pupils the opportunity to illustrate their work as well as write underneath making it the perfect book for daily classroom lessons and activities.


“I love the front because it is fun and the polar bears look happy, I love the polar bear skiing down the slope”.

“I like the inside pages because I can draw and write a story”

The Jungled themed A4 exercise books are designed to work as the perfect every day exercise book for KS2 pupils. With the glossy card design on both the front and back showing the recognisable characters from the Jungle range. With 40 internal pages which are 10mm lined and complete with a margin they make the perfect book for your pupils to carry out their everyday work.

‘I love the monkey swinging on the front of the book, he looks friendly’


Both books are available to order in sets of 5 , 50 and 100!

5 Books= £2.00

50 Books= £17.00

100 Books= £30.00

You can click here to shop.


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