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Homework Help

Homework Help

Homework; the school work pupils do at home!

When you were at school, given the choice would you rather have been given homework or have your school day extended by 1-2 hours every night?

I’d have chosen homework every time.

However, there are a lot more things to distract pupils at home these days such as TV, phones, social media and computer games etc. This could affect their concentration leading to them producing substandard homework. We have a few hints and tips to help your pupils to do their very best with their homework.

Homework Help Tips for Pupils:

  • Work out the best time for you to do your homework.
  • Gather all your books and stationery before you start.
  • Have a drink, preferably water. Research suggests that this may help you perform better.
  • Find a quiet comfortable environment away from anything that may distract you.
  • Read and follow any instructions carefully.
  • Remember to give your work your best effort, as if you were in the classroom.
  • Check through your work carefully.
  • Make sure your completed homework is in your school bag ready for the next day.

These helpful homework habits can be found in all PTS Homework Diaries and on two of our products; the S22 which is a Double Sided ‘How to be a Good Friend’ and ‘Homework Habits’ Poster and the NP1 Pocket Prompts Cover Cards.

Homework Help
Homework Help

Homework Diaries

Using a homework diary is ideal. Pupils can record all their homework tasks and, as it stays with the pupil at home and school, it is perfect for keeping parents in the loop about what homework is due and how well their child did on previous homework tasks.

We sell a great range of homework diaries, from colourful jungle and dinosaur themed diaries for KS1 and KS2 to our more ‘grown-up’ green or blue designs for KS2 through to KS4. All of our homework diaries contain 104 pages. They have space for 43 weeks of homework records (arranged in a ‘week to view’ style), as well as space for reward stickers, termly targets, numeracy and literacy tips and a whole lot more.

Homework Help - Homework Diaries

Homework stampers

Our homework stampers come in handy for saving marking time. Simply stamp ‘An excellent piece of homework’ or ‘Planner/Diary checked’ on to pupils’ work/record books to significantly shorten marking time.

Homework Help - Stampers


Revising for a spelling test is a common homework task. Our Look, Cover, Write, Check Spelling Record Books are perfect for helping pupils to remember their weekly spellings with an opportunity to practise and record their spelling using the tried and tested Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method.

Almost sold out.

Homework Help - Spelling

Homework stickers

Reward your pupils for their excellent homework with our fantastic homework stickers available in different shapes and sizes and with various messages.

Homework Help - Stickers

Do you have any tips and tricks for supporting your pupils with their homework? Let us know in the comments section below.

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