Helping Pupils to Overcome Anxiety – The Knot by Helen Cousin

Helping Pupils to Overcome Anxiety – The Knot by Helen Cousin

Children often ‘bottle up’ their worries, which can then sometimes get out of proportion. If this thinking pattern becomes habitual it will carry on into adult life. Carl Rogers, a pioneer of humanistic psychology, along with others in the field, emphasized the importance of working with feelings or mood. His views have had a universal impact on education. His research and practice revealed that if feelings or mood could be recognized by the individual and integrated as valuable, normal, aspects of experience, then behavioural change could result. So if parents and teachers can help children to acknowledge some of their worries they can help to dissipate their impact.

Following the tragic suicide of her sixteen-year-old daughter in 2017, Helen Cousin set to work on a book to try to help younger children deal with early feelings of anxiety. The teaching assistant, from Misterton, said: “There’s so much pressure on children to do well in school. I just think that children can’t be children any more and that’s sad.” Helen wanted to create a resource to help parents and teachers to communicate with their children. 

The Knot by Helen Cousin

“The Knot” by Helen Cousins, is a book of colourful verse, written for pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2 to help them acknowledge their own anxieties and understand that it is quite normal to have worries. The beautiful illustrations and colourful verses help young children to identify these feelings.

Helen’s fantastic book is now available from PTS here. It is sold in support of Helen’s charity: Help Me, I’m Fine.

To find out more about Helen’s story, and to watch a short video about her, go to the BBC News website.

The Knot by Helen Cousin

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