The PTS Growth Mindset Guide

Growth Mindset Guide

The PTS Growth Mindset Guide

Over the past four weeks, we have serialised our guide to introducing Growth Mindset in primary schools, written by mindset expert, Ross McWilliam. We’ve now collected them together to create The PTS Growth Mindset Guide, which you can download in PDF format below. We hope you find the guide useful, please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Growth Mindset Guide

Don’t want to download the full Growth Mindset Guide? You can still access all four parts of the series on the blog.

Part 1: A combination of concepts and ideas to allow pupils to find their own definitions of GM, what GM means to them, and how they can identify and improve it.

Part 2: The value of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, along with specific praise and feedback language to be used. Identification of measures to record progress in terms of attendance, rewards and sanctions, grades, school/class attitude.

Part 3: A whole school strategy that caters for key stakeholders of parents and staff, and how to monitor progress at school and at home.

Part 4: Consideration must also be given to those pupils who may have difficulty initially accessing GM and those who might need more support as they encounter barriers to learning on their GM journey.

Growth Mindset Guide

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  1. Alison Boughton-Priestley says:

    Thank You very much for this guide to Growth Mindset.

  2. Gill Price says:

    No problem Alison, we hope it is helpful.

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