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With the summer coming to an end it’s time to get into the back to school mode. With planning key for a great school year it’s important to start as you mean to go on. From NQT’S to a veteran teacher we have some top tips to help you make sure that you’re prepared to tackle the new school year head on. Here’s PTS’s top 5 tips.

  1. New Year, New Class

This year is not last year. If you had a good year or a horrible year of teaching last year, this year is bound to be different enter your classroom with a set off fresh eyes. You will have new students with both different interests and ideas. Take this into consideration, as what worked with one class may not always work with another. Fresh ideas and concepts are the way forward however there is nothing wrong with using old resources that worked well because the odds are they will work just as well with the next class. If you are struggling to find resources take a look on the PTS Resource Hub, you can upload and download all the materials you find for free.

  1. Stock Up on Supplies

Don’t go without, make sure you have everything your pupils and you could possibly need ready and at hand in your classroom. Even though students have their own supplies chances are that there will be days when they are forgotten. Now is the perfect time to stock up on pencils, record books, stampers, certificates and much more with PTS Autumn discount offers. Click here to shop.

  1. Get to Know Your Pupils

The first week of school is the perfect opportunity to spend time getting to know your pupils. This involves more than just putting a face to a name. With information to discover such as learning styles, interests and personalities there is a lot to take in. Fun ice breakers are a good way to remember facts about pupils. Don’t forget your pupils are surrounded by new faces as well. This can work for both you and your pupils and gets everyone talking. You could also create a few short tests or tasks to figure out where students are at so you know where to start the curriculum and to make sure no students are left behind if you’d planned to start far ahead of where they are.

  1. Start as You Mean To Go On

With the first few days of school being a little more relaxed it makes the perfect opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the school year. While there’s a lot going on in terms of ice breakers and making pupils feel at ease. It’s also a good opportunity to make sure that the rules and expectations of your classroom are learntfrom day one. Plan an activity that will introduce students to what you will be teaching and help them understand that learning is the main focus of the classroom. The first few days of school is also a great opportunity to introduce your pupils to any systems in your classroom that they may not be familiar with. This helps prepare ready for when learning is full swing and will leave your pupils feeling less daunted and aware of what’s expected in your classroom.

  1. Get Organised

As you probably know organisation is key and you have more than likely been taking time out of your summer to make sure everything is perfect ready for the new school year. It’s harder to get organised once the school year begins as there is so much going on. Set up folders, bins and other systems of organisation ready. Figure out how you plan to collect and hand back student work, store extra copies of homework and handouts. You can find plenty of ideas on Pinterest of fun ideas of how to stay one step ahead in the world of organisation in the classroom. Head over to the ‘Teacher Hacks’ board on our Pinterest to find ideas. You can also get organised digitally. Create folders on your computer for each class or to hold lesson plans and resources for specific units you could also set up accounts for students on any websites you plan to use.

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