The Dinosaurs are here!!



The secret land of the lost dinosaurs has been discovered. Step into their world and see the far lands of the tropical forests that surrounds them. Discover the life of the dinosaurs with Primary Teaching Services as they explore their surroundings with Tony the T-Rex, Donna the Diplodocus and Timmy and Tommy the baby Triceratops.

With tropical forests with leafy green trees becoming too familiar the dinosaurs decided to venture further to the Saurus National Park for a fun day out. When they arrived Vinny the Volcano had erupted leaving lava overflowing and clearing the skies making it the perfect day. As the dinosaurs arrived at the park they discovered there was lots more to explore than their usual surroundings. With a stream to play in, rocks, flowers and plenty of hiding places, each dinosaur set off in different directions to explore.

Donna the Diplodocus made use of her long tail straight away with her baby triplets sliding down her tail like a slide into the stream, they love to splash around. Ian the Ichthyosaurs dived in and out of the water displaying his swimming skills showing off to his other friends that couldn’t swim, he was a professional and he knew it as he spent all his time in the water. Steph the Stegosaurus looked on whilst muttering under her breath that no one likes a show off. Meanwhile at the other end of the park Polly the Pterandon scooped up one off the baby dinosaur eggs and started flying round the skies hoping it would help the baby Dino to hatch whilst Tracey the Triceratops looked up hopefully. Victor the Velociraptor secretly peers from the bushes observing hoping to get a glance of the baby’s being born. Victor tries not to get too excited as its sickle- shaped claws twitch with excitement whilst watching. Big Tony the T-Rexx tries to help by stomping around on the sandy land trying to cause the rest of the baby Dino’s to hatch, the whole Saurus National Park shakes as he roars.

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