How to Use Christmas Stars

Christmas Stars

How to Use Christmas Stars


Our Holographic Star Stickers are perfect for using in the classroom in the run-up to Christmas. You can use them to create a special Christmas reward scheme for your pupils, in arts and crafts lessons and even to decorate your classroom displays. These low-cost Christmas Stars are available in a set of 140 Stickers, or in an even better value pack of 1120 stickers.


Special Christmas Rewards

Christmas Behaviour Scheme

Why not use your shiny stars to create a special Christmas Reward Scheme? There are six different coloured stars per pack, so why not allocate each one to a specific behaviour that you would like to see in your classroom? Pupils who consistently display each positive behaviour until the end of term will receive the appropriate stars. Those who manage to collect all six Christmas Stars could win a festive treat. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Set the rules
    Choose the six behaviours that you would like to see and allocate a colour to each one. For example:
    • Blue – Helping to tidy the classroom
    • Purple – Listening carefully and being quiet when required
    • Silver – Trying their best with reading
    • Green – Being helpful to teachers and other pupils
    • Red – Working hard on their handwriting
    • Gold – Overall good behaviour
  2. Communicate
    Communicate the reward scheme and your six chosen behaviours to the class. Make sure that they understand how you would like them to behave. You could even display the rules on a poster.
  3. Reward
    Decide your rewards. Will you have a reward for each colour, or must they get three stars to qualify for a prize. Will you have better prizes the more Christmas Stars a pupil collects?

Marking and Assessment

Add these stickers to your marking scheme for December to make your pupils smile. They will love to see a sparkly Christmas Star on their work when they’ve achieved something special.


Arts and Crafts

Greetings Cards

Shiny stars are perfect for decorating hand-made Christmas cards for pupils to take home for their families. They are great for younger pupils, or pupils who aren’t as confident with drawing and painting.


Christmas Stars


Class Christmas tree

Create a special class Christmas tree on oversized paper or card and ask your pupils to add stars to decorate it. You can add each pupils name near their star to make even more personal for your classroom.

Christmas Night Scenes

Using black sugar paper or card, ask your pupils to create a night scene by drawing with chalks or pastels. This could show houses lit up ready for Christmas, Father Christmas flying through the sky on his sleigh, or even the town of Bethlehem. Use your Christmas Stars to create a starry sky.


Decorating Classroom Displays

Not only are these Christmas Stars perfect for arts and crafts in the classroom, but for decorating it too! They are perfect for making your classroom displays and decorations look even more special. Use them on a black or dark background to make them stand out.


Add Sparkle to Christmas Cards and Gifts

Christmas Stars aren’t just great for the classroom, but for adding a bit of sparkle to your Christmas cards and gifts too. Add them to your gift tags, cards and envelopes for extra Christmas glitter without the mess!


We’d love to hear your ideas for using Christmas Stars. Why not let us know in the comments section below.


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