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Human Rights Day 2018

Human Rights

For children to develop into respectful, fully-rounded human beings, it is important for them to understand the values of the Declaration of Human Rights.

St Andrew’s Day

St Andrew's Day

30th November is St Andrew’s Day. We’ve got some great information about Saint Andrew and his relationship with Scotland that you can share with your class.

Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week

This week (12th-16th November) is Anti-Bullying Week, with events and activities taking place in schools across the UK. Find out more about this great event

Bonfire Night Safety Tips

Bonfire Night Safety

To help you to discuss firework safety with your pupils, we’ve created a handy Infographic with our Bonfire Night Safety Tips for fireworks and sparklers.

Create Your Own Halloween Stories

Halloween Stories

It's really simple to use the story generator; just follow each step to build the components of your Halloween stories and then write them out in full.

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

With the dark nights drawing in, it is important for kids to stay safe. Check out our latest Infographic, to find out our top Halloween Safety Tips.

Apple Day

Apple Day

Apple Day gives us a great opportunity to celebrate autumn and harvest, and to get your pupils to be more enthusiastic about eating fruit and vegetables.

It’s International School Library Month!

School Library

Take a look at our latest blog post, focussed on International School Library Month, to find out how to get your pupils involved with this great event.

Are You Celebrating Wimbledon?


This quintessentially British event is famous across the world, both for the sporting prowess on show, the unreliable weather and of course strawberries and cream. Wimbledon inspires children across the country to try their hand at tennis, especially if the weather remains as glorious as it did during June...

National School Sport Week

School Sport Day

This week (25th-29th June 2018) is National School Sport Week, organised by the Youth Sport Trust. Started in 2008, National School Sport Week had its most successful year yet in 2017, with over 5,000 schools and 1.5 million pupils taking part in the UK. Pupil health and fitness is incredibly important...