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Healthy Eating Week

Healthy Eating Week

Discover handy information and great ideas for celebrating Healthy Eating Week in the classroom. Plus: how to reward healthy choices with PTS.

Halloween in the Classroom

Banner Image with the words "Halloween Classroom Activities" and a skull design.

Halloween is a great time to have a little fun with your pupils. We’ve gathered some brilliant Halloween classroom activities and crafts for your class.

Local and Community History Month

local and community history month

Did you know that May is Local and Community History Month? This great event is run by the History Association. Find out how you can get involved.

Celebrating St George’s Day

St George's Day

St George's Day is celebrated on the 23rd April. Take a look at our St George's Day blog for some great information and activities for your classroom.

St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day, on 17th March, is a great Irish celebration. Find out about the history of St Patrick and some fun St Patrick’s Day classroom activities.

Inspirational Women

Inspirational Women

We've found inspirational women to cover every area of the curriculum, from Maths and Science to Art and Activism, to share with your class on IWD19.

Writing with Sensory Details

Sensory Details

Using sensory details in writing helps to bring our stories to life. Take a look at our activities to help your pupils add extra sparkle to their stories.

St David’s Day

St David's Day

1st March is St David's Day, the national day for the patron saint of Wales. Find out more about St David and discover some great classroom activities.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

St Valentine’s Day is one of the most widely celebrated Saints days, with an emphasis on romance. Who was St Valentine and why do we have celebrate his day?

Children’s Mental Health Week

Mental Health

Children’s Mental Health Week gives us the perfect opportunity to talk to children about mental well-being. We've got some ideas on how you can help pupils.