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The Big Schools’ Birdwatch 2020

Why not get your class to take part in the 2020 Big School Bird Watch? Your pupils will love becoming 'citizen scientists'.

Reading in School

Reading in School

Supporting reading in school and helping pupils to develop a love of reading are great motivators for PTS. Check out how we can support you with literacy.

Teacher Christmas Gifts

Teacher Christmas Gifts

The PTS Christmas Gift Guide has arrived! It has lots of fantastic, low-cost pupil and teacher Christmas gifts that are perfect for celebrating this term.

Maths Mastery

Maths Mastery

PTS has many resources that can aid you in helping your pupils to develop key mathematics skills. Find out how in our new Maths Mastery blog.

What’s New at PTS This Autumn?

New at PTS Autumn 2019

New at PTS! We have been working hard designing and creating some fantastic new products that will reward, aid and inspire pupils and teachers alike.

It’s Good to be Green

Front Banner Images that says "It's Good to be Green"

Wondering how the Good to be Green behaviour management scheme works? Take a look at our new explainer video for an overview. It's always Good to be Green!

How to Support Home Reading

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PTS word cards recently received press coverage in an EYE magazine article on how to support home reading. Read all about it on the blog.

Save Money on Your School Certificates

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PTS can help you to save money on your school certificates this month with some great offers, including Holographic and Star of the Week Certificates.

Helping Pupils to Overcome Anxiety – The Knot by Helen Cousin

The Knot by Helen Cousin

"The Knot" by Helen Cousins, is a book of verse, written for younger pupils to help them understand anxiety and that it is normal to have worries.

The Many Possibilities of Number Fans

Number Fans

Number fans are back in fashion! Read the blog to find discover some great ideas for how they can support your pupils with numeracy in the classroom.