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How to Support Home Reading

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PTS word cards recently received press coverage in an EYE magazine article on how to support home reading. Read all about it on the blog.

Helping Pupils to Overcome Anxiety – The Knot by Helen Cousin

The Knot by Helen Cousin

"The Knot" by Helen Cousins, is a book of verse, written for younger pupils to help them understand anxiety and that it is normal to have worries.

Help Your Pupils to Boost Their Vocabulary

Vocabulary Deficiency

A survey by the Oxford University Press, found that the majority of teachers are seeing a growing vocabulary deficiency amongst both primary and secondary school pupils, which they believed was leading to lower self-esteem and negative behaviour. Read our article for info, ideas and solutions.

The Heavy Impact of School Budget Cuts

To try to help you to overcome school budget hurdles we have introduced a new customer loyalty discount scheme. Next time you place an order we will send you your very own customer loyalty discount card which will be valid until 31st July 2019. This card gives you access to discounts that you can use time and again.

The Multiplication Test

PTS has created a brilliant new product to support teachers and pupils with the multiplication test that is being trialled in March this year. We also have a fantastic range of other maths and numeracy support products, for you to use in your classroom. Click the link to find out more.

The apostrophe man…

The apostrophe man... Have you heard? Rumour has it there is an apostrophe vigilante on the loose. Read more here and give your opinion now!!!

Secondary school transition.

Secondary school transition. Read our tips on how to settle your children into their new schools here!

Children are not “school” ready at the age of 5!

it has been reported that Children are not “school” ready at the age of 5!

Dunkirk Refugee School…

Dunkirk Refugee School

Tim Peake launches space food science experiment…

British astronaut Tim Peake has invited schoolchildren to help him in an experiment to learn more about how to grow food in space. Find out more...