Making the Most of Self-Isolation #7: Get Baking


Making the Most of Self-Isolation

Our seventh ‘Making the Most of Self-Isolation’ blog is by Molly who works in our customer services team. She’s going to tell us about her passion for baking.

#7: Get Baking

My name is Molly, I work in the customer service team at PTS and my hobby is baking. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than baking and getting to share your bakes with friends, family and colleagues.

Why I Love Baking

Baking isn’t just a hobby, it can be quite technical and can help you to develop some key life skills. Not only do you need to make sure that your ingredients are measured correctly, it’s making sure that temperatures and cooling off periods are correct. Sometimes it takes a lot of patience and practice before I get things right but I never give up, it’s great for building resilience.

The feedback I receive makes me strive to improve and get better with each bake. I like to try new ideas and even when then don’t work so well, I keep practicing until it is right. My colleagues at work love it when I have been baking over the weekend and they get to start their Monday morning off with a sweet treat. They have also been my guinea pigs for new recipes and new ideas – the different types of truffles that I made at Christmas went down a treat!


Since having my little boy, I have someone to share my skills with and he loves to help out where he can. He loves to bake with mummy and we always try and bake something over the weekend so we have special time together at least once a week, as working full time you don’t always get to spend much quality time together throughout the week.

Baking in Lockdown

Whilst buying things like flour and sugar has been difficult over the last couple of weeks, hopefully things will improve soon. Baking is great for using up things that end up at the back of the cupboard, like dried fruit and nuts, why not have a rummage to see what you can find? There are lots of free recipes available online.

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