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Teacher Christmas Gifts

Teacher Christmas Gifts

The PTS Christmas Gift Guide has arrived! It has lots of fantastic, low-cost pupil and teacher Christmas gifts that are perfect for celebrating this term.

PTS FAQs – About PTS

About PTS

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about PTS, including our address, opening hours, mailing lists and much more.

PTS FAQs – Finance and Payments

Finance and Payments

Discover everything you need to know about PTS finance and payments, inlcuding our VAT number, payment terms and invoicing.

PTS FAQs – Your Online Account

Your Online Account

Get help with setting up a PTS online account, changing your personal details, adding addresses, dealing with password problems and more.

PTS FAQs – Ordering


Check out our ordering FAQs to discover how to find your products, how to use our personalisation feature, applying discounts and more.

PTS FAQs – Delivery


Here you find out about PTS delivery, including how long your order will take to arrive, overseas delivery and what to do about any delivery issues.

PTS FAQs – After-Order Care

After-Order Care

Click the link to discover how to edit your order, manage any returns, cancel your order and more after-order care queries.

Positive Thinking

Main Blog Banner "Positive Thinking for You and Your Pupils"

In this blog we take a look at the ways in which we can support our pupils to develop positive thinking, helping them to take on challenges at school.

Halloween in the Classroom

Banner Image with the words "Halloween Classroom Activities" and a skull design.

Halloween is a great time to have a little fun with your pupils. We’ve gathered some brilliant Halloween classroom activities and crafts for your class.

It’s Good to be Green

Front Banner Images that says "It's Good to be Green"

Wondering how the Good to be Green behaviour management scheme works? Take a look at our new explainer video for an overview. It's always Good to be Green!