Author: Gill Price

The Many Possibilities of Number Fans

Number Fans

Number fans are back in fashion! Read the blog to find discover some great ideas for how they can support your pupils with numeracy in the classroom.

Leavers Assembly Ideas

Your school leavers assembly is an important milestone for your year six pupils. Looking for inspiration? Take a look at these leavers assembly ideas.

The PTS Growth Mindset Guide

growth mindset guide

Download the brand new PTS Growth Mindset Guide by mindset expert Ross McWilliam to find out how to introduce growth mindset in your primary school.

Local and Community History Month

local and community history month

Did you know that May is Local and Community History Month? This great event is run by the History Association. Find out how you can get involved.

The Importance of Sports in Primary School

Importance of Sports

In this blog we’re going to take a look at the importance of sports and discover some great ideas for your school sports day this year.

Growth Mindset: Overcoming Barriers

Growth Mindset Barriers

In part four of our Growth Mindset series, created by mindset expert, Ross McWilliam, we take a look at the barriers to developing a growth mindset.

Growth Mindset: A Whole School Strategy

Growth Mindset Strategies

In part 3 of our growth mindset series, mindset expert, Ross McWilliam, will tell us about whole school strategies that cater for all key stakeholders.

Celebrating St George’s Day

St George's Day

St George's Day is celebrated on the 23rd April. Take a look at our St George's Day blog for some great information and activities for your classroom.

Growth Mindset: Measuring, Rewarding and Giving Feedback

Growth Mindset Rewards

In part 2 of our series, we take a look at the value of growth mindset rewards, specific praise and feedback language and ways to measure progress

School Stamps, Stickers and More – April at PTS

School Stamps

We’re springing into April with lots of new products, designed to make your life easier. Take a look at new school stamps, stickers, star charts and more.