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Worksheet Holders

Noise Level Monitor Board - Worksheet Holder & Noise Level A4 Cards
Code: DTS10
Was: £9.15 ex VAT
Now: £8.35 ex VAT
Grey Privacy Board (May support Social Distancing)
Code: PRB001
From £11.95 ex VAT
Worksheet Holder - Blue (A4 Portrait - Double Sided)
Code: DTS14
£7.45 ex VAT
Maths Poster Display Pack (45 Card Posters - A4 Holder)
Code: DTS15
Was: £24.95 ex VAT
Now: £16.65 ex VAT
Worksheet Holder - Blue (A3 Size - Double Sided)
Code: DTS13
From £11.00 ex VAT
*Special Offer* A4 Blue Worksheet Holder Portrait plus 200 Scented Stickers
Was: £10.65 ex VAT
Now: £9.15 ex VAT
Blank Worksheet Holder Banner Replacements
Code: DTS2
£1.00 ex VAT
Pre-Printed Banner Replacements for Worksheet Holder
Code: DTS3
£1.00 ex VAT
Worksheet holders are brilliant for displaying important information and instructions during lessons, storing handouts and worksheets and for keeping the classroom tidy.
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