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Welsh Stickers and Rewards

Welsh Wording Stickers - Flag (32 Stickers - 46mm x 30mm)
Code: WA2
£1.20 ex VAT
Welsh Phrase Stickers - Characters (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: WA3
£1.20 ex VAT
Welsh Da iawn Wristbands (10 Wristbands - 265mm x 18mm)
Code: W51
£1.00 ex VAT
Personalised Welsh Flag Wristbands (A5)
Code: PW34
From £1.70 ex VAT
Personalised Welsh Flag Stickers (35 per sheet - 37mm)
Code: PA353
From £1.50 ex VAT
Personalised St David's Day Daffodil Stickers (35 per sheet - 37mm)
Code: PA354
From £1.50 ex VAT

These great Reward Stickers are perfect for teachers in Wales to use to reward pupils. They are also great for pupils learning Welsh as a foreign or second language. This great range also includes Wristbands and Customised Stickers, that you can add your own wording to - they're ideal for St David's Day.

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