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Scented/Smelly Rewards

Scented Stickers Value Pack (335 Stickers - Various Sizes)
Code: CP99
£7.45 ex VAT
Personalised SCENTED Character Stickers - Bubblegum (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: XPA9
From £1.55 ex VAT
Personalised SCENTED Star Stickers - Jellybean (35 per sheet - 37mm)
Code: XPA2
From £1.55 ex VAT
SCENTED Stickers Value Pack (300 Stickers - 25mm)
Code: CP85
£6.65 ex VAT
Scented Stickers Value Pack (200 Stickers)
Code: CP103
£4.15 ex VAT
Personalised SCENTED Doughnut Stickers - Vanilla (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: XPA10
From £1.55 ex VAT
Jellybean SMELLY Stickers - Great (30 Stickers - 25mm)
Code: XA12
£0.80 ex VAT
GLOW IN THE DARK Reward Stickers (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: A384
£1.35 ex VAT
Scented Stickers Value Pack (300 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: CP21
£9.15 ex VAT
Scented BERRY Stickers - Monster (30 Stickers - 25mm)
Code: XA6
£0.80 ex VAT
Personalised SCENTED Emoji Stickers - Bubblegum (70 Stickers - 25mm)
Code: XPN50
From £1.55 ex VAT
Scented Cola Stickers (32mm)
From £0.80 ex VAT
Scented Stickers Value Pack (840 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: CP93
£24.95 ex VAT
Personalised SCENTED Super Hero Stickers - Cola (35 per sheet - 37mm)
Code: XPA4
From £1.55 ex VAT
Personalised SCENTED Mango Robot Stickers (35 per sheet - 37mm)
Code: XPA7
Was: £2.45 ex VAT
Now: £1.25 ex VAT
SCENTED Bubblegum REWARD Stickers (30 Stickers - 25mm)
Code: XA2
£0.80 ex VAT
SCENTED BIG SMILEY Berry Stickers - Smile Faces (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: X26
Was: £1.35 ex VAT
Now: £0.80 ex VAT
Lunchtime Value Pack (1050 Stickers - Praisepad)
Code: CP81
£19.50 ex VAT
Scented Blueberry Stickers (30 Stickers - 25mm)
Code: XA8
£0.80 ex VAT
Scented Sherbet Stickers - Comic Design (30 Stickers - 25mm)
Code: XA13
£0.80 ex VAT
Scented Tropical Stickers - Robot (30 Stickers - 25mm)
Code: XA5
£0.80 ex VAT
Scented Banana Stickers - Top Banana (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: X4
£1.35 ex VAT
Scented Bubblegum Stickers - Football (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: X28
£1.35 ex VAT
Personalised SCENTED Sherbet Stickers (70 per sheet - 25mm)
Code: XPN49
From £1.55 ex VAT
Well Done Strawberry Scented Stickers (37mm x 35)
Code: X1
£1.35 ex VAT

Smelly rewards are always a guaranteed hit in the classroom, and can be used for almost any occasion. Here at PTS we stock a wide range of Scented Stickers, Certificates and Pencils, which come in a variety of fabulous scents, including: Berry, Strawberry, Banana, Cola, Jellybean, Tropical Fruits, Peppermint, Peach, Bubblegum, Blueberry, Vanilla, Apple, and much more! You can be sure that we'll have the perfect product for you. 

Did you know you can also personalise your scented rewards to make your children's award that little bit more special?

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