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At Primary Teaching Services, we design and create motivational rewards for Head Teachers to award to Pupils in their School including Certificates, School Merit Stickers, Badges, Postcards, Pencils, and Note Pads Home.

Here you can find every motivational resource a Primary Head Teacher needs to Raise Standards of Behaviour, Attendance, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Maths, including Times Tables,

Our hugely successful Good to be Green Behaviour Management Scheme has proved an invaluable tool to many Schools.

We cover School Sports Day, and even Birthdays! And we personalise or customise most of our reward range.

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Headteacher's Award Stickers (45 Stickers - 32mm)
Code: A387
£1.20 ex VAT
Headteacher's Award Badges - Maxipack (40 Badges - 38mm) Brainwaves
Code: BS52
£12.45 ex VAT
Deputy Head Award Stickers (70 Stickers - 25mm)
Code: N32
£1.20 ex VAT
Deputy Head Award Stickers (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: A334
£1.20 ex VAT
'Principal's Award' Certificates - Blue (20 Certificates - A5)
Code: PAW
Was: £3.95 ex VAT
Now: £2.45 ex VAT
Head Teacher's Award Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: GP51
£3.00 ex VAT
Personalised Crown Postcards
Code: PPC18
From £0.25 ex VAT
Head Teachers Award Praisepadz - 60 Notes Home (A6)
Code: PP71
£2.90 ex VAT
A Note from the Headteacher Postcard (20 Postcards - A6)
Code: PC24
£2.75 ex VAT
Head Teacher's Award Praisepadz - Crown (60 Pages - A6)
Code: PP56
£2.90 ex VAT
Headteacher's Award Pencils (12 Pencils)
Code: GP50
£3.00 ex VAT
Headteacher's Award Certificates (20 Certificates - A5)
Code: HTG
£3.95 ex VAT
Head Teachers Merit Award Raffle Tickets - Book of 100 Easy-Tear
Code: RT7
£2.50 ex VAT
Head Teacher's Award Postcards Home - Crown (20 Postcards - A6)
Code: PC18
£2.75 ex VAT
Head Teacher Award Badges - Multi Coloured (10 Badges - 38mm)
Code: BD317
£3.30 ex VAT
Head Teacher's Award Stickers - Lion (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: A89
£1.20 ex VAT
Personalised Head Teacher's Award Stickers (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: PA390
From £1.50 ex VAT
Head Teacher's Award Wristbands (10 Wristbands - 265mm x 18mm)
Code: W52
£1.00 ex VAT
Personalised Lion Stickers (35 per sheet - 37mm)
Code: PA89
From £1.50 ex VAT
Principal's Award Stickers (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: A333
£1.20 ex VAT