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The Full Range of Resources from Primary Teaching Services

At Primary Teaching Services, we design and create motivational rewards for schools including School Merit Stickers, Stampers, Certificates, Pupil Record Books, Badges, Postcards and Note Pads to Home, Bookmarks, Pencils, Behaviour Schemes, A4 Write and Wipe Mini Whiteboards, Plastic Reward Tokens, Worksheet Holders and much more… Here you can find anything and everything a Primary School Teacher needs to cover Attendance, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Maths, inc. Times Tables, Behaviour Management, Classroom Management, School Sports Day, and even Birthdays!  We can also personalise or customise most of our reward range. Despatched from the sticker factory we have here in the U.K.
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Good to be Green Class Set
£24.95 ex VAT
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It's Good to be Green CertifiCARDS (10 Cards - 86mm x 54mm)
Code: CC17
£1.95 ex VAT
Warning Card CertifiCARDS (Yellow x 10)
Code: CC18
£1.95 ex VAT
Consequence Card CertifiCARDS (Red x 10)
Code: CC19
£1.95 ex VAT
Children Learn What They Live Poster - Paper (A2 - 620mm x 420mm)
Code: S72
£1.20 ex VAT
PTS Smiley Stickers (16mm - 140 Stickers)
Code: PTSM
£1.20 ex VAT
Sticker Box for Teachers (with 621 stickers)
Code: SSB
£6.65 ex VAT
Place Value Whiteboard (A4)
Code: NP45
From £0.80 ex VAT
Clock Whiteboard (A4)
Code: NP62
From £0.80 ex VAT
Design Your Own Stamper (25mm) Brainwaves
Code: YST25
£10.80 ex VAT
Scented Stickers Value Pack (450 Stickers - 32mm)
Code: CP21
Was: £9.15 ex VAT
Now: £8.30 ex VAT
Design Your Own Rosette Stickers (16 Stickers - 44mm x 58mm)
Code: YRS
From £1.50 ex VAT
Scented Stickers Value Pack (450 Stickers - 32mm)
Code: CP99
Was: £8.30 ex VAT
Now: £7.45 ex VAT
Bright Reward Stickers UNSCENTED Value Pack (1035 Sticker - 32mm)
Code: CP73
£9.95 ex VAT
Berry Scented Stickers - Monster Well Done (20 Stickers - 32mm)
Code: XT56
£0.80 ex VAT
SCENTED Berry Stickers - Bright Wording (300 Stickers - 25mm)
Code: CP13
£4.15 ex VAT
Personalised Holographic Rainbow Star Stickers (72 Stickers - 35mm)
Code: HOLO29
From £2.95 ex VAT
Personalised Holographic Triple Star Stickers (72 Stickers - 35mm)
Code: HOLO32
From £2.95 ex VAT
Multiplication Square Whiteboard (A4)
Code: NP17
From £0.80 ex VAT
Number Square Whiteboard (A4)
Code: NP19
From £0.80 ex VAT
Handwriting Mini Whiteboard (A4)
Code: NP53
From £0.80 ex VAT
Number Bond Practice Whiteboard (A4)
Code: NP39
From £0.80 ex VAT
CM Squares Mini Whiteboards (A4)
Code: NP52
From £0.80 ex VAT
Lined Mini Whiteboard (A4)
Code: NP51
From £0.80 ex VAT
Maths Posters for Home Learning - Value Pack (10 Posters - A2 - 620mm x 420mm)
Code: POST1
Was: £9.95 ex VAT
Now: £8.30 ex VAT
Mixed Sparkly Stickers in Various Sizes Holographic (30 Stickers)
Code: RSAM5
£0.80 ex VAT
Holographic Happy Birthday Stickers (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: A346
Was: £1.35 ex VAT
Now: £0.80 ex VAT
School Stickers Mixed - AMAZING VALUE Pack (1050 Stickers - 25mm)
Code: CP15
£9.95 ex VAT
Design Your Own Stickers with Logo (35 Stickers - 37mm)
Code: Y37
From £1.50 ex VAT