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Sheet of 32 Ask Me What WOW Word I Used Today Stickers

PRICE: £1.10 ex VAT
PRICE: £1.10 ex VAT


Product Code: RH36


Product Features:

RH36 - Wow Word Stickers

An A4 sheet of 32 'Ask me what WOW word I used today' stickers, each sticker is 46mm x 30mm and are mixed colours. Every child loves having their WOW word shared with the class and put on the 'Wow Word Board', this sticker allows your learner to continue their excitement and share their WOW word(s) with others outside of the classroom.

Whilst researching wow words we have come across some amazing Wow word boards, doors, trees and even a window! There really is some creative and imaginative ways to display your classes wow words.

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