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Pedagogs Writing Target Stickers - Level 3

PRICE: £16.70 ex VAT
PRICE: £16.70 ex VAT


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Product Features:
Writing Target Stickers Level 3

This pack contains enough for 20 learners. Your learners start at Level 3C, then progress to 3B, followed by 3A. Once these have been completed your learners are ready for Level 4.

Targets include:/p>

  • I can make a story flow
  • I can add details to entertain or amuse my audience to create tension
  • I can start sentences in a range of different ways
  • I can write interesting endings to my stories

A simple and effective way to communicate with learners, teachers, classroom staff and parents what level is being worked on.

Each pack contains a black and white 'I Need To' record sheet or the same detail on the reverse of the sticker sheet. The corresponding 'I Can' sticker is bright and colourful. Once the record sheet is filled with colourful stickers, your learner is ready to move up to the next level.

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Pedagogs Writing Target Stickers - Level 3
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