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Value Pack of Mixed Well Done Products

PRICE: £8.30 ex VAT
PRICE: £8.30 ex VAT


Product Code: CP16


Product Features:

A Value Pack containing 'Well Done' stickers

Save £3.36 (£2.80 ex VAT)

This value pack contains 781 stickers in various sizes.The pack is made up of the following 11 sheets:

  • 1 Sheet of A135 - Holographic Smile 37mm
  • 1 Sheet of X1 - Strawberry Scented 37mm
  • 1 Sheet of B31 - Polar Bear 16mm
  • 1 Sheet of RS1 - Metallic Rosettes 54mm x 37mm
  • 1 Sheet of DD6 - Metallic Smile 10mm
  • 1 Sheet of B27 - Metallic Stars 16mm
  • 1 Sheet of A55 - Olympic Rings 37mm
  • 1 Sheet of N14 - Dog 25mm
  • 1 sheet of A137 Well Done Octopus 37mm
  • 1 Sheet of CA4 Well Done Smiles 20mm
  • 1 Sheet of CA5 Multi Coloured Stars 20mm

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Value Pack of Mixed Well Done Products
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